You know you’re a writer when …

I saw a writers’ meme (?) on Facebook the other day.

I reposted it and tagged my husband, apologising, because there have been many times when I am writing something and I burst out mid-sentence, reading what I’ve written out loud. He immediately understood what it meant. I told him I’d wait to be alone in future and his response was, “Nah. You won’t. You’ll just forget about it in the moment, and just go on reading out loud as you normally do.”

I am ashamed to say that he’s probably right.

Writer’s Write does a few of these a week. Most of them are so true, it hurts.

See how many of the following “You know you’re a writer when …” statements fit you. (And if you never considered yourself a writer before but these fit you anyway, maybe it’s time you started writing.)

I don’t get it …

‘Hope Mom doesn’t read this …’

‘For science …’

‘It’s time to write …. not’

-from The Oatmeal

‘I know it’s art, but …’

‘Just one more chapter…’

‘Must. Have. Coffee. …’

-from frabz

‘And what if …’

‘But you have so many already …’

(especially books about writing)

And finally …

‘I love you all, each and every one …’

** Source and credit to Writers Write blog unless otherwise specified.

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