Tricks to help you read more books

Reading is one of the most popular pastimes, just like playing online casinos new to India, but some people find it very hard to get the motivation to read all the books they have or want to read in the future. Finding that motivation can be challenging but there are some sneaky little tricks that can help you read without the significant effort that you expect it would take to read.

Reading has so many benefits for the human mind and soul that it is almost neglectful not to read as much as you can. However, here are some tips if you are in a lull or just struggling to get going with reading.

  1. Take your books with you

Having them with you when you go places still gives you that opportunity. You might be sat in a doctor’s waiting room and be just scrolling on your phone reading mindless social media nonsense when in fact you could be either expanding your mind or diving into a different world.

If you think you do not want to take books out with you then you can be covered

  1. Buy an e-reader

This is a way of you not really feeling like you are carrying your books around with you and it can be a great way for people who prefer reading off a screen. Buying an e-reader is a great option.

  1. Make a list of books

Making a list of books you want to read and keeping it with you when you finish a book is a great way for motivation because you can keep a track of which ones will interest you but also which ones you have read.

Crossing out the book titles does create a great sense of achievement.

  1. Reading alongside a friend

Reading with a friend can help because you are doing it alongside someone else who will want to talk about the book. This creates passion for the book you want to read and finish within a time limit.

This can also lead to joining a book club and reading books that you may not normally read but will help expand your horizons and social skills.

  1. Share what you read

This could be talking to a friend like previously mentioned or it could be writing it down for yourself. It is a way of keeping track of what you have read and if you enjoyed the book or not.

Many will even share their feelings about a book as a blog or post on a website.

  1. Start small

If you are really struggling to get going with your reading there is nothing worse than picking up a massive book that looks daunting. So start by reading smaller books and building up your motivation to read even bigger books when you have the “want” to read books.

  1. Listen to books

Who says you have to necessarily read it? Listening to audiobooks is an awesome way to indulge in some of the best books available in this world. It can also be great hearing some famous people reading the books to you such as Stephen Fry with the Harry Potter series.

It is also a good idea to buy the book alongside the audiobook and follow the book whilst it is being read to you.

  1. Set a time for reading

It is easy to say “ I will read in 10 minutes” but then an hour passes and you still have not read. So if you are able to set some time away in a busy life then you will be able to read more, read well and feel better after reading.

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