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Rumours of the new Kindle are beginning to surface

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the fact that the Kindle™ needed to drop a bomb in the eReading space in order to keep up with the seemingly fast innovative pace that Barnes and Noble and the Nook™ seem to be setting. Well, apparently Amazon.com has been feeling much the same way and is apparently preparing to drop that bomb.

It’s getting old, Amazon.

For 3 “generations” the Kindle™ keyboard has survived and with the tablet and with the eReader space getting more and more dominated by touch screens, many have been calling for the Kindle™ to

The all-new nook -from the perspective of a long time Kindle lover

I was intrigued to see Barnes and Noble release their new reading-specific nook™ recently. Why? Because their success with the nook color™ seemed to be an exclamation point to me. One which seemed to signal to me and others that they needed to focus their expenditures elsewhere because even though people were loving the idea of the nook™, its feature and offerings, a lot of already-invested Kindle owners (like myself) would not commit to making a switch unless they presented some hard-sell benefits and advantages. I was wrong.