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Online privacy – An Oxymoron?

The whole notion of “online privacy” is a hot topic these days. I wrote briefly about this issue in last week’s Foboko.com newsletter because we happened to have a new submission to the library at both Foboko.com and Free-eBooks.net which outlines all the places online we are exposed and in what ways. Internet Security Fundamentals does a very good job of giving us the basics of how we expose ourselves online every day and how we can be alert for and wary of the different pitfalls of establishing and maintaining an online presence in this technological age.


Should anyone be able to demand access to your social media accounts?

To get off-topic here for a minute, I want to bring your attention to one of the hot topics in social media these days – that of the practice for people in positions of power insisting on having first-hand access to your social media accounts.

I don’t remember when this first was a news item, but it came to the fore earlier this month when a US interviewee to a government position was asked for their Facebook username and password and had their account scrutinized in front of him in the interview room. After this hit the news,