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Social media personalities

Ever wonder what the social media personalities might look like if you were to describe them as if they were people? I did. Here’s what I came up with.

Facebook is that ditzy girl you remember from high school who couldn’t keep her mouth shut yet somehow, despite knowing how prolific she was with other people’s business, she always got the full scoop. When you post a photo, rest assured that the whole world will see it by this afternoon because friends of friends (of friends of friends, ad infinitum) automatically get to see when their friends like

Today is a big day in the tech world … were you watching?

I know this is an eBook blog and that our tech talk is limited primarily to eBook related tech, but today is one of the biggest days in the year from a geek standpoint. And being one of the biggest geeks here at Free-eBooks.net, I wanted to talk for just a few minutes about today’s excitement. I ask for your indulgence, please – whilst I wax geek.

Today is the launch of Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in California. Traditionally, this conference was directed at developers who are interested in the new offerings from Apple from a development