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How to Load E-books to Nook and Kobo Glo

Many people want to use e-books this summer, because carrying your personal library with you is a breeze when all you need to do is take along a small, portable, lightweight e-reader device. That is an ideal option whether you are traveling by car or plane, are going to the beach or just to the swimming pool, or are backpacking into the wilderness or going on a long bicycle excursion.

But those who are new to e-book technology can often feel intimidated by their e-reader devices because they don’t know exactly how they work. Just as when someone

How to Write?

Many, many people dream about writing a book. The last statistic that we saw was 82% of people dream about publishing some kind of work. Our sponsor www.Free-eBooks.net has helped that dream become a reality for thousands of authors.

It’s easier than you think to turn this dream into a reality if you know where to start. The first thing we suggest is to get organized. By organizing your thoughts the process seems less daunting and can allow ideas to flow into a structured outline you can write from.

If you are writing for the first time beginning

Write Your Book To Help Others

My friend Lisa Tener says that, “most people only write from their passion.” Can you get excited about getting more out of all the effort you put into writing your book?

Lisa goes on to say that for those who only write from their passion and their message are missing out on the greater possibilities of getting your message out to a greater audience and reap more of the rewards that often seem to be overlooked by Authors.

Many authors confess that they didn’t do it for the money. Buy why wouldn’t you reap the full rewards of