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eBook Legal Rulings and Disputes Make Headlines

Not long ago e-book publishers felt totally eclipsed from widespread public exposure, sidelined by the print publishing industry and ignored by the mainstream media. When electronic books were mentioned, they were treated as a novelty, not a serious contender. But all of that has changed, as was confirmed again this month when e-books were a topic that played prominently across the media world.

Two particular stories made headlines. One had to do with the ongoing battle between e-book publishers and Amazon, the world’s biggest book seller, over pricing. That’s a negotiation that we can expect to go on

The Top High-Quality e-Reader Apps

Even if you own and use a device that serves as an exclusively dedicated e-reader, you may still want the added convenience and portability of reading e-books on devices like iPads, tablets, and smart phones. There are many smartly designed e-book reader apps to help make that happen, including some offered through major industry leaders like Google, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble. Here are some of the top contenders in terms of popularity, reliability, flexibility, functionality, and features.

The Amazon Kindle App

Amazon’s multi-platform app (Android, iOS, and Windows Phone) includes a customizable display and syncs across multiple

Which eReader did Google choose?

It’s happened! Google has chosen the new iRiver Story HD as the first eReader device to feature integration with their Google eBooks. The release of the new device will be July 17th and only at Target stores in the US and at their website.

Although Google Books can be read on over 80 compatible devices, according to a post on the Google Blog, one of the main advantages of the iRiver is the ability to browse, buy and read Google ebooks directly on the device rather than having to download to your computer and then transfer your ebooks