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Father’s Day Photo Caption Contest

Father’s Day is a time to honor our dad, step father or the male figure in our lives. Someone that did something for you. Gave you advice. Free-ebooks.net wants to celebrate that man with you!

Submit a caption for the Tadao Cern photo below. The top 5 captions [determined by the most ‘Likes’] will be posted on June 13th on a Poll where you can vote one more time on your favorite. We’ll announce the Top 3 winners 12pm ET Friday, June 14th.

3rd Prize is a 30-Day VIP membership to Free-ebooks.net

2nd Prize is a 6-Month VIP

Everybody is a winner for our Easter Egg Hunt 2012!

It’s Easter! And everybody is a winner in our Easter Egg hunt this year at Free-eBooks.net! Whether for you Easter means a traditional Fried Fish on Fridays and religious services all weekend, or colorful fun and lots of festivities and family, you can join in our Easter Egg Hunt and win yourself some nifty prizes!

We are scattering 50 Easter Eggs throughout the website everyday until tomorrow with a wide variety of eggs which have prizes and surprises. Each person can win 3 times for the duration of the contest but that doesn’t prevent you from telling your

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