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How books can immerse you in the story

We asked the following question on our Facebook fan page recently: “This was on my mind this morning too. If you could ask your favorite author a question, what would you ask? Oh and who is your favorite author?” Among the responses were sentiments such as “who inspires you?”, “what drives you?” and “are you a mason?” The last response, I assume, is in reference to Dan Brown’s uncanny attention to detail and the specifics surrounding the concept of religious secrets being kept from the public at large in places such as the Vatican.

The conversation got me

Is non-fiction as entertaining as fiction is?

I had a conversation with someone today about non-fiction books. (You have to love those random conversations with strangers about books and reading – it is always an eye-opening experience for me.) He is a big fan of Charles Dickens, he finds his writing soothing and relaxing. I do not know about soothing and relaxing, but Dickens is undoubtedly among the writing geniuses of our time.

I am big fan of fiction because of it is ability to provide an escape from reality and take you to places that are new and exciting and sometimes wholly unbelievable. And