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Free-ebooks.net Announces Our Partnership with bookboon.com

Here we grow again.

We have seen several recent changes at the Free-ebooks.net website. Not long after our partnership with Ampersand Academic Press we are partnering with bookboon.com to bring you FREE textbooks.

On April 17, 2011, we partnered with bookboon.com to offer our members the dynamic opportunity to download free textbooks in the categories of: Business, Computer Sciences, Engineering, Mathematics and Science. You can browse the new ebrary by visiting our home page at http://ow.ly/amu0Z, scroll down to the bottom of the left vertical menu (and incidentally, that’s new too!) to the section titled “Textbooks”. Have

Free-eBooks news – July 18th 2011

Our authors spoke up loud and we listened!

Book Description suggestions

As you may or may not be aware, Free-eBooks.net has allowed their community to suggest better descriptions for the books in our library almost since day 1.

In case you weren’t aware of this feature, it can be found on the book detail page just below the current description.

Well, one of our authors wrote in to the help desk with the suggestion that authors should be allowed autonomy in this area.

Which was sort of where our head was at anyway: once it was an author

Get Your Book Seen by the Big Guys!

Have you ever wanted to write, publish and market a book that transforms not only your life and your business… but the lives of your readers too? If this sounds good to you then you need to check out what my friend Christine Kloser is up too! (we’re thrilled that she invited us to be a part of this!)

She’s offering a brand new virtual program called the Transformational Author Experience and it’s absolutely FREE!

Have a look at the video now: ==> http://www.free-ebooks.net/t/53

Here you’ll discover a 6-step system to transform your book “idea” into a published