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Free-eBooks.net Celebrates Half a Million Facebook Fans!

Free-eBooks.net now has over 500,000 Facebook fans! Thank you to everyone from around the world that’s joined us in making this such a fantastic community. Just to put that into perspective, half a million people is at least 100,000 more than the whole city of Liverpool, England – home of the Beatles! According to the Guinness Book of World Records the most fireworks ever used at once was also 500,000, during an event in Dubai, and when we found out we hit the half a million mark believe me, we felt like celebrating with that kind of fireworks

Join the Food Revolution

Our friend and bestselling author John Robbins is inviting our Facebook friends to spend an inspiring and life-changing week with revolutionary thinkers and visionaries that will put the POWER IN YOUR HANDS when it comes to the food you eat! Best of all this is FREE! Use this link to sign-up: http://ow.ly/au4l4 we want to know if this appeals to you, so we can only bring you the best invitations, so please leave a comment letting us know.

Remember this is FREE!

Should anyone be able to demand access to your social media accounts?

To get off-topic here for a minute, I want to bring your attention to one of the hot topics in social media these days – that of the practice for people in positions of power insisting on having first-hand access to your social media accounts.

I don’t remember when this first was a news item, but it came to the fore earlier this month when a US interviewee to a government position was asked for their Facebook username and password and had their account scrutinized in front of him in the interview room. After this hit the news,