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Editor’s pick for August 2013

I am a vampire fiction fan, so I freely admit to my bias towards this month’s pick.

“Our Miss Engel” is a short but sweet read that is written journal-style from the perspective of a teacher in the early 1900s. Employed to teach a group of small young girls at a convent school, a young woman finds that her charges are a little more of a handful than young children normally are. Much is strange about how these young girls are taught and cared for at the academy, and at first our Miss Engel is enchanted and determined

Irreverence in Writing

I am a fan of irreverent literature. I like when writers push the envelope because it forces me to confront my own inhibitions and perspectives and causes me to question their validity within the context of someone else’s perspective. I am a firm believer in defining your world in an ever-changing, ever-growing process based on the information that is available to us. As a result, my world-view is always changing.

Consequently, any discussion that arises as a result of such an obscure writing style can bring even more angles and perspectives into play which widens the process and

Editor’s Pick for May 8th, 2013

This week’s pick is a piece by a two-author team. I have always been fascinated by co-authored books. Being a little of a loner and having done a smidgeon of writing myself, I can’t imagine how a co-author deal would work, yet we have seen it work time and again in all forms. I have to admit, again, to my penchant for the horror/thriller genre and say that genre is just about the only one I’ve seen a successful co-author project. (Think Stephen King and Peter Straub’s dual hits “The Talisman” and “Black House”) So I shouldn’t be