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Opinions, Opinions… What’s Yours?

The secret to living a passion filled life? As my friend Alan Cohen shared it all comes down to how your make decisions in life. Alan introduced the idea that anytime you need to make a choice in life, to make sure you remain on the path that’s true to yourself, it all boils down to either a “Hell Yes!” or a “Hell No!”.

In other words when making any choice, from what to have for dinner to which city to live in, if your choice doesn’t totally light you on fire and make you excited then it’s

This Will Make Your Life Easier

Ever had your cell phone, eReader, iPod or any other electronic device’s battery die? You know like right in the middle of the most important call, your favourite song, or even worse right before you find out what happens to the Heroine in your eBook???

Well have we found a gadget that will make your life easier! It’s the AViiQ Portable Charging Station. Now you don’t need to remember all the different chargers when you travel, gone are the arguments on family vacations over who gets to plug what in to charge first…. this portable charger lets you