The tablet wars are heating up

It seems as if Microsoft is adding some necessary heat to the tablet wars. This week, they revealed their upcoming tablet called the Microsoft Surface.

Microsoft has been particularly quiet in the eReader and tablet department. Then a few weeks ago, we heard that the PC giant was pledging some $300 million to Nook, Barnes and Noble’s e-reader business. That gave many of a e-reader geek pause because if Microsoft was investing that heavily in Nook, what does that mean for Amazon and the Kindle platform?

Apple’s iPad has dominated the tablet market since its launch in April of 2010. Barnes and Noble’s Nook color and the follow-up Nook Tablet are popular but they don’t quite meet the same market demands as the iPad. Many people I’ve spoken to agree with me that the iPad is in a class by itself. It’s not an e-reader, it’s not a computer, it’s not a gaming console, but it is a pretty good attempt at providing all the functionality of those in one compact and concise platform. It certainly looks as if the Microsoft Surface might be the first real challenger on the scene.

I have only seen Microsoft mobile at work in passing. A friend’s mother has a Windows phone and I had the brief benefit of ‘playing’ with it. Considering how privacy conscious I am, I didn’t dig too deep into the functionality. The impression I got was that it was as closed as the Apple iOS ecosystem yet more “friendly” somehow. With my limited experience with Windows mobile and what I’ve learned about the upcoming Surface, I think the iPad is in for some serious competition.

One thing is certain – I am dying to see what the Surface has to offer. What about you?

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