Social Media Buzz Marketing for authors

Social Media Buzz Marketing Today, I had the unexpected opportunity to speak to two indie authors about using social media to build buzz for their latest titles. I realized this morning that I had this conversation before and here I was having it again. It is no surprise that a lot of independent authors want to know how they can use social media to market their eBook[s].

Independent authors need to feel empowered and be knowledgeable when it comes to social media and how to use it. Self-publishing demands that you wear a lot of hats; one of those hats is marketing and one of the best ways of an independent author to brand themselves and market their eBook is with social media. It is relatively inexpensive to use. As a matter of fact most of the time it cost you nothing. What it takes is your time, persistence and due diligence.

We Learn From Nature

We all remember the story of the birds and the bees, right? Take a lesson from the bees. They’re flying from flower to flower and doing what they do best, collecting and pollinating. Elvis would say, they’re ‘taking care of business’ for their hive and the world. Adding value at every stop they make.

As a self-publishing author you’re the bee and using social media sites Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, your own WordPress blog you’re creating buzz and taking care of business. Adding value by writing interesting posts about your eBook, interesting post about your writing style or topics, joining groups, giving advice, sharing writing tips, answering questions and so much more. By doing all of this you’ll brand yourself as an expert writer and fans will begin to seek you out and want to read your eBook[s].

So to create a dynamic buzz and promote yourself as an independent author, remember the lesson the bees have shared, get out, pollinate and take care of business!

What are you going to do to start pollinating today?

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