People I am Thankful For

Give Thanks

I want to give a shout out to people who have help Stirling Corp, Free Ebooks and myself during the past year.

This is a open post. Adding names and blocks whenever I get a minute.

There are far too many to post all at once.

My CES Party Friends

Every years, except last year, a couple hundred people come to Vegas to learn about the lastest technology at #CES2022.

This year, I’m returning the favor by curating a hand pick group of super events called the CES PARTY 2022 LIST

Updates are made on Twitter and Instagram.

If you are coming to CES, let me know

Manny Alicandro

My friend Manny Alicandro is my first thought when I want to know whether a business idea has merit. I met him at CoinAgenda, the professional investor conference, and look forward to every meeting.

Gratitude, Thank you, Friends

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