Major ebook piracy sites blocked in France and India

Z-Library has over 11.2 million eBooks and almost 85 million articles available on their website.  However, viewed from the perspective of publishers, Z-Library is not only unfair competition but also highly illegal under copyright law. The National Publishing Union, an industry group representing more than 700 members in the publishing sector, in France has got approval to ban the site for French search engines.

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How to Improve Memory Skills And Remember What You Read

Even though we are constantly exposed to more visual media, reading is still vital. Although not to the same extent as in previous years, people still read textbooks for school, online newspapers, and fiction/nonfiction books. One reason that many people do not read much is that they cannot read well. It’s a laborious, time-consuming process for them, and they don’t remember as much as they should.

There are many reasons why reading is crucial. It helps improve your vocabulary and grammar, expands your knowledge, improves your memory and concentration, and develops your critical thinking skills. You can find several articles that will help you better understand the text on and use this knowledge when you’ll read your next book. In addition, reading can help reduce stress, lower blood pressure and improve sleep quality.

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