Gavin Lira Reveals How to “Write” a Best-Seller in 90 Minutes Flat

We were hanging out at Gavin’s house when we started thinking about how good it is to write a book to promote a personal or corporate brand.

I remember saying to Gavin “yeah, but just the thought of writing a book is enough to make me want to procrastinate. Does it happen to you, too?”

A book can increase your brand’s presence, get us on more stages and help you build your personal brand. We knew that, but as simple as it might seem to just get an idea and start writing, taking the first step is just a different thing.

But Gavin had one of these outbursts of enthusiasm that he frequently has and said “Bro, why don’t we just do it now?”

He learned that instead of writing a book, you can just speak it. There are AI programs now that can help you write it, as long as you have a cool idea and give it a little structure. It makes it so much simpler.

In this article, you’ll see how Gavin Lira, CEO of The Empathy Firm, took an idea in his head and turned it into a book, via a simple process you can follow, too. By the end of this article, you’ll have a clear path to getting this item finally done.

First, start with a topic you know a lot about.

Gavin started with a topic he’s an expert at. “I will write about how to build networks and connect people. You already know this, but I love to connect my friends and partners with each other and see how they end up doing great things together.”

Of course I knew it, he’s so good at it that he’s been featured in national level publications like Forbes and Thrive, and even started a PR agency (The Empathy Firm) to leverage his talent.

So, stop right now and write down what topic you’ve got great skill in.

Gavin explained to me that the best thing is to pick just one thing, the narrower the better. “Usually the first thing that comes to mind is the best choice if you’re struggling to decide what to pick.”

Second, write an outline of 10 key bullet points.

He wrote an outline of 10 points which he could talk about for 5 minutes each. He also made sub-points for more detail, “I think that’s enough structure. We’re trying to avoid writing, so we don’t need to write a 10 page essay.”

I did the same thing for a webinar I’m doing. I jotted down 8-10 phrases on a yellow sticky note. Another way you can do it is to do an “interview”, where you write down a list of common questions and have a friend ask them to you.

Gavin looked over his outline and added a story to each major point so he could explain first and then give the example. I recommend you do that too.

Third, consider who your book is for.

“The idea is to solve a problem, not only to help people, because that way the book will be interesting to them,” he said.

Now ask yourself what is the result from people who have completed reading your book. You’ll want to speak about this in your introduction and also mention it again at the end for reinforcement.

Gavin said “people will know the mindset they need and the ways they can reach out to people and build a relationship, and after that, connect people; and the ways they can offer value to their connections.”

Now we needed to pick a title that encapsulates the big benefit. In Gavin’s case, he chose “You’re Just One Connection Away”, since he’s witnessed first-hand the impact of reaching out to people to build connections —actually, the reason you’re reading this article is because he reached out to me on Facebook to offer value first before ever attempting to sell anything.

Fourth, get your phone out and start filming.

Basically, we could just have opened up the voice recorder app in our phones, but we like video, since we can pull out snippets later, so we recorded with his phone’s camera.

If you want to get fancy about filming with a nice camera, microphone, and lighting, you can. We have a whole course on this called “Setting up a video studio for people who suck at video”. But don’t let technicalities stop you from filming.

Lucky we were together. We’ve found that having a colleague there while you’re filming increases the energy level and accountability, plus gives you someone to bounce ideas off. Anyway, in the past I’ve filmed many solo videos just fine.

Gavin suggested pausing for 2 minutes in-between each chapter. “That way we can calibrate what we want to say.”

Of course, he went off script a couple of times because he realized he wanted to cover new things that weren’t in his outline. “The outline, anyway, is not a rigid path to follow, but a general framework for your thoughts,” he told me.

Fifth, upload your video for transcription.

Now it’s time for the behind-the-scenes work.

Screen Shot 2022-05-01 at 1.50.00 AM

We happen to like Descript (which is a pro-level tool for people who create a lot of content), but you can also use, Rev, or even just have someone on Fiverr do it. Figure it will cost you 10-50 cents a minute up to a dollar a minute for the expensive services. So your 60 minutes of filming might cost you $30 to transcribe.

We needed to cut out the filler words, there were many “ums” and “ahs”, lol.

The good thing about using Descript is that it can automatically cut them out, clean up your sound, eliminate gaps, and so forth.

Conversational language usually looks strange when converted to written text. So Gavin suggested that maybe we can have an editor on Fiverr clean it up, “it costs about $100.”

Also, you could run it through an AI writing tool like Jasper that will retranslate the sentences.

Since I’m paranoid about losing files, I pay $10 a month to iCloud to keep all the photos/videos from my phone backed up, and I pay $10 a month for the same thing from Google and Amazon, too. Plus another $30 a month to Dropbox. I know, I know, but better that than get mad later for losing something important.

Sixth, get a designer to make your book cover.

“We could have the entire book instantly assembled via a tool like Designrr or pay someone on Fiverr $20 to get it done,” I told him.

For more details on how to find the best freelancer, go here. Or just find a few book covers you like and get your designer to mimic those.

Seventh, get your friends to write praise for your book.

Gavin explained that most won’t read the book, but are happy to say nice things about it. Your friends and other connections will do this for you, since you’ll do this for them, just like recommendations of all types.

Eight, publish the book.

Gavin told me “the trend nowadays is to self-publish instead of going to a publisher. The internet makes distribution and promotion easier, plus cheaper and faster.”

You could upload to Amazon, pay for an ISBN, and attempt to be a best-seller in a category you desire. But most of us just want to say we have a book, not try to make money directly selling a book.

Ninth, print and promote the book.

“There are many places where we can print the book,” I told him.

Based on some research, we found out it is safe to say a book has half as many pages as minutes you speak, so a 90 minute video is about 45 pages for a 6×9 paperback. If you add in diagrams, testimonials, pictures, and other bits, it could be more.

“Let’s assume about 5 cents per page black and white. So a 45 page book with a normal paperback binding is about $2 each, which is $4 shipped in the US,” he said.

If you want to write a fiction book, I’m afraid we can’t help you there. But if you’re a service firm or professional, I believe this is a great option for you to consider.

Tenth, now tell all your friends!

Finally, we gave our closer friends and clients the physical version and our “casual/distant” friends the Kindle or ebook version.

You can use the common book promo technique of making it a penny or free on Kindle for a pre-launch and then switching to $7 for paperback at launch. More on this in Chandler Bolt’s book Published.

And if you want to promote your book and snippets on social media, use the Dollar a Day strategy to get the word out.

Well there you have it! Step-by-step. I guess you wouldn’t think it’d be that easy.

Are you ready to publish?

Groucho Marx

I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book.

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5 best books to help with anxiety – according to mental health experts

Reading can provide you with empowerment and alleviate your symptoms whenever you’re struggling with mental health issues. And when you’re dealing with anxiety because you had an accident that caused injuries that require extensive recovery, reading can make the entire process feel less daunting and provide you with the needed strength to cope. 

Anyone who experienced an accident and is now dealing with panic attacks and excessive worry that they may find themselves again in the same situation knows how overwhelming the entire situation can be. It’s almost impossible to believe that there’s light at the end of the tunnel. However, therapy and a set of tools like reading and physical activity (if your injuries allow it) can deliver a sense of improvement and alleviate your symptoms. Books are an excellent way to learn more about your mental health condition, discover life-changing coping mechanisms, and understand what steps you need to follow to navigate this challenging period. 

Anxiety comes in several forms and affects people differently. The root of the issue also impacts its effects, so it’s crucial to address it during treatment to improve your quality of life. The good news is that all forms of anxiety are treatable. The most popular methods of treating anxiety are physical activity, stress management techniques, psychotherapy, and medication. Depending on your state, you may have to combine these techniques to alleviate your symptoms. Reading self-help books that discuss the subject can help you discover effective tools mental health professionals have successfully used to manage the condition. 

Here is a list of books that can help you alleviate your anxiety. 

woman in gray turtleneck long sleeve shirt
Image source

How did we pick them?

The list of books that discuss the subject of anxiety and mental health is endless. With so many options to pick from, you may wonder how we settled on this short number. We discussed with mental health experts and then tailored the list to a few factors that may impact every reader’s choice:

– Therapist recommendations

– Science-backed methods

– Author qualifications

– Reader reviews

– Price 

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

Everyone passionate to learn about mental health knows Eckhart Tolle because he is considered one of the world’s most prominent spiritual teachers. It was only logical to include his book in the list of lectures that could alleviate anxiety because it enables you to connect to the present moment and tap into your true nature. It aims to help you find that place where your true happiness lies and explore it, so you can achieve peace of mind. The author explains in his book how your mind can trick you into experiencing anxiety thoughts and what strategies you can use to regain power over it and achieve a state of wellbeing. 

After reading it, you may conclude that the first step in treating your anxiety is to get compensation for your injuries. In case you didn’t know, anyone who suffers slip, trip and fall accidents in the UK can claim compensation for their injuries and lost wages if they were the victims of someone else’s negligence. The lecture will provide you with the needed tools to feel empowered and enlightened and find the required strength in yourself to adopt a more mindful way of living. 

First, We Make the Beast Beautiful: A New Journey Through Anxiety by Sarah Wilson

The ancient Chinese philosophy promoted the idea that it’s important to make the beast beautiful before conquering it. When Sarah Wilson first heard the quote, she connected it with her anxiety journey and thought it could become the first step toward healing. The author presents multiple anxiety factors and treatments in this book and interviews patients with mental health issues. She also presents the opinions of mental health professionals experienced in treating anxiety

The lecture’s main idea is that to live with the beast/anxiety, you need to embrace mindfulness, meditate, nourish your body with healthy food, and learn to be grateful. 

Don’t Feed the Monkey Mind by Jennifer Shannon

The book may have a funky name, but it definitely provides you with the needed knowledge to manage your mental health. Jennifer Shannon, an experienced psychotherapist, used her knowledge to develop actionable methods to overcome your anxious thoughts. She refers to anxious thinking as the monkey mind because you experience it when you reach a state where you can no longer control your thoughts and feelings. Shannon presents a series of mindfulness, cognitive-behavioural therapy, and commitment therapy techniques to teach you how to free yourself from the monkey mind by no longer fuelling it with negative thoughts. 

Don’t Feed the Monkey Mind is one of the few books available on the market that encourages you to face your fears head-on to heal your mental injuries and regain control over your life. Only when you free yourself from the monkey mind you can become the person you are meant to be. 

Hardcore Self Help: F**k Anxiety by Robert Duff

If you don’t want to read a classical lecture, then this book is the perfect choice for you because it presents some innovative recommendations. The entire book focuses on the idea that reading about anxiety shouldn’t feel like a chore because the entire process will only cause extra stress. The author, Robert Duff, uses the book to speak candidly about the subject and weaves some humour and swearing into the discourse to keep you engaged and present the tips and information in an easy-to-comprehend way

Declutter Your Mind by S.J. Scott

You’re not the only individual who struggles with negative thoughts. In fact, most accident victims have negative thoughts, especially immediately after the incident because they cannot stop wondering if they could have done something differently or if they were at blame for the accident. The problem with negative thoughts is that they can trigger anxiety or other mental health issues when you experience them daily. If you live in a constant state of overwhelm and stress, it’ll eventually affect your quality of life, so you should seek ways to alleviate them before they impact your lifestyle. The author, S.J. Scott, uses the book to encourage you to practice various mindfulness techniques to free your mind from overwhelming thoughts. 

When looking for books to help you improve your anxiety symptoms, you should ensure the discourse and ideas resonate with you.