How to Leverage the PR Power of a Book


The book is expected to have a strong PR power, and the interviews with top CEOs in healthcare are expected to give the author perceived authority, just like I interviewed Chandler Bolt, the CEO of Self-Publishing School, for the book.

Recently, I conducted interviews with ten top CEOs in healthcare for a book on the impatient modern consumer. The book’s primary goal was to drive more franchise leads for the IV therapy clinics of the author, Samael A Tejeda.

However, as the project progressed, the decision was made to interview competitors and other players in the industry to create a joint effort to share knowledge and discuss growth strategies. This added to the cost of producing the book, but the author believes it is a worthwhile investment.

The book is expected to be a powerful tool in PR, and the interviews with top CEOs in healthcare are expected to give the author perceived authority like I interviewed Chandler Bolt, the CEO of Self-Publishing School, for the book.

How to Interview

While conducting interviews for a book, I learned several key strategies to ensure a successful interview process:

  1. It is essential to properly prepare for each interview.
  2. Maintaining a respectful attitude and positive atmosphere during the interview is crucial as it can affect the overall tone of the book.
  3. Tailor questions to the interviewee’s specific expertise and industry background.
  4. To improve the interview experience, sending a gift before the interview, providing context on how the interview will be used in the book, and offering to send a copy of the transcript for review can be helpful.
  5. Encourage the interviewee to add any additional thoughts or revisions during the interview, and aim to make the interviewee look good in the book alongside other industry leaders.
  6. Inquire about potentially using positive mentions of the author for promotional content and compile them from all interviewees for promotion.

Using Tools like ChatGPT

Tools like ChatGPT can be utilized to improve the overall quality of a book by enhancing knowledge, organizing the outline, refining language, determining headlines and chapter titles, and even composing promotional emails. However, it is important to note that while ChatGPT can assist in various aspects of book creation, it is not able to provide the “great ingredients” such as real-life stories and videos that are co-created with other industry leaders, which are considered crucial to a successful book.

Putting It All Together

In order to effectively create a book, it is important to utilize tools, virtual assistants, and other methods to craft and repurpose content, as taught in the Content Factory.

PR Power

Instead of getting the book out, if it’s your first book, try to get a book out.

Instead of solely focusing on getting the book published, it is important to also focus on naturally interviewing other experts and having the help of virtual assistants to assemble the content.

Leveraging the perceived authority of a book and utilizing industry connections can effectively increase perceived authority.

Additionally, repurposing long-form content into different forms, such as articles, blog posts, videos, and social media snippets, can be beneficial in terms of visibility and legitimacy.

PR is a Multiplier of Your Brand

PR has the ability to amplify your brand by amplifying what people already see about you, thus enhancing the PR power.

True PR is centered around building relationships and collaborating on content with individuals who share similar values.

Utilizing virtual assistants and friends to promote this content is more genuine and effective than hiring a PR agency. Rather than fake features on publications such as Forbes, it’s more beneficial to identify industry experts whose audience can promote your brand in return for promoting them as well.

This understanding opens up a plethora of possibilities and makes everything more powerful.

Structure of the Book

When it comes to organizing a book that features multiple authors or experts, there are two approaches that can be taken.

One option is to structure the book as an anthology, with each author contributing a separate chapter, similar to a list or a compilation. However, this method is not considered the best approach as it lacks cohesiveness and structure.

A better approach is to create an outline that follows a logical journey for the reader and then interview experts who have expertise in various functional areas. The number of experts interviewed and included in the book depends on the size of your network and the topic being covered. It is essential to structure the book in a way that is clear and valuable.

The “IF-IF-THEN-ELSE GUARANTEE” framework that Perry Marshall told me about is a useful way to structure a book.

It states that ‘IF you are this specific type of person and IF you agree to do these things, THEN I GUARANTEE you will achieve this specific result, ELSE a full refund.’

This framework helps to consider the structure of the book, the requirements that need to be met, the steps that need to be taken, and potential pitfalls to avoid.

Your Authority

But before writing a book, it’s important to establish authority on the subject. Focus on a specific niche or have personal experience with the topic in order to be able to teach others about it.

The book encapsulates your authority of having solved a particular problem in a way that other people say, “Dang, Nick is a lighthouse for solving this particular challenge.”

Thus, leverage the book that has strong PR power.

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AMSPA 2023 Show: See Liquivida’s IV Therapy in Action

The 2023 American MedSpa Association Show will feature Liquivida, a leading distributor of vitamin IV therapy products and solutions, will be introducing IV therapy to the MedSpa industry for the first time.

The president and founder of Liquivida, Sam Tejada, and the chief medical officer, Dr. Christopher Davis, will be leading an educational session on how MedSpa owners can safely and effectively incorporate IV therapy into their services and product mix.

According to Cassandra Westerman of the American MedSpa Association (Amspa), members have been requesting more actionable business advice on adding vitamin IV therapy to their offerings. To address this demand, Liquivida will be hosting a session titled “How to Deliver Real Patient Outcomes and Grow With IV Therapy” on Saturday, February 4, 2023 at 8 a.m. at the Wynn in Las Vegas.

In this session, Tejada and Dr. Davis will provide detailed information on how MedSpa owners can bring IV therapy to the masses by focusing on quality, safety, compliance, and real patient outcomes. They will also discuss how Liquivida’s business model, safe and easy-to-use IV kits, and proprietary tools can help MedSpa owners achieve these goals.

Dr. Christopher Davis is a renowned cardiologist who has experience in functional medicine, bioidentical hormone replacement, and regenerative medicine. Over the course of his career, Dr. Davis has held leadership positions in medical research, clinical development, operations, and medical affairs. He has received many awards, including Castle Connolly/Sarasota Magazine Top Doctor 2011, Doctor of the Year Nominee at Blake Medical Center 2015, and Doctor of Distinction in Scene Magazine 2016.

Sam Tejada is a retired firefighter paramedic and successful entrepreneur. He founded Liquida with only $500 and has since set industry standards by collaborating with the American IV Association (AIVA) and the IV BizBash, the first-ever IV industry conference designed to help IV clinics grow and self-regulate.

Liquivida’s franchise models prioritize patient safety and compliance. The first option is an integrated Liquivida Lounge inside an existing medical office or MedSpa, which can provide an additional income stream for practitioners. The second option is the Liquivida Wellness Center, a storefront retail model that allows franchise owners to sell a wider range of products and services such as medical aesthetics, sexual health, weight loss, hormone replacement therapy, and more.

Liquivida has its operations based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and has since expanded to Arizona, Texas, New Jersey, and Connecticut. At AMSPA, the company is also distribute copies of Sam Tejada’s new book on the state of the IV industry, as a guidepost for emerging medical spa and IV clinic owners.

The Amspa Medical Spa Show will take place from February 2 – 5, 2023

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