Opinions, Opinions… What’s Yours?

The secret to living a passion filled life? As my friend Alan Cohen shared it all comes down to how your make decisions in life. Alan introduced the idea that anytime you need to make a choice in life, to make sure you remain on the path that’s true to yourself, it all boils down to either a “Hell Yes!” or a “Hell No!”.

In other words when making any choice, from what to have for dinner to which city to live in, if your choice doesn’t totally light you on fire and make you excited then it’s a “Hell No!”. If you come to such clarity on your daily decisions and choices you will shift to living with a lot more “Hell Yes’s” and have a more rewarding and enriching life rather than settling for mediocrity and worse… situations that totally dissatisfy you.

This philosophy of living from “Hell Yes!” or “Hell No!” shouted out to me as I reviewed opinions in the never-ending battle over ebook readers and technology as the world of books is revolutionized before our eyes. Below are several resources for you outlining specific “Hell No’s!” on several devices and their capabilities… have a look for yourself over some very dissatisfied customers and see if their complaints match your own or if the devices criticized meet your needs for other reasons.

Either way I’m impressed with the vehemence and passion with which people attach to their technology. I know when mine isn’t working properly it’s not pretty… just ask the man in my life!

“Sylvania 7″ Android tablet is CRAP”

“Love And Loathing the Kindle

“Shift3 Lookbook”

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