Obsessed with Multitasking? Try Audiobooks 

While there aren’t exactly a wealth of scientific studies endorsing that bingeing Brooklyn Nine-Nine on Netflix is good for your brain, reading is one activity that has been well-documented to support cognitive health. In terms of habits that health experts recommend to keep our mind sharp, reading is as beneficial for our brain as playing a musical instrument or doing crosswords. 

Open your favourite book whenever it’s rainy, you’re anxious or sad, and that feeling will dissipate. But if you’re a multitasker who loves to read and get lost in other chores at the same time, audiobooks can be handier. You can’t exactly deep clean your bathroom or drive with a book in your hands. But with audiobooks growing massively popular, it does beg the question of whether you’re really reaping the same fruits as traditional reading. We think it does. 

The benefits of listening to audiobooks

If you’ve just discovered audiobooks, then you know how efficient they can be in helping you curb the lazy and do all the things you hate to do because you have to because you’re a grown-up. You inevitably grow more comfortable doing them and that’s one obvious benefit of audiobooks: you can listen anywhere, as long as you have your smartphone and some charge in it. But what else can they do? 

You can multitask if you love to 

One of the most notable advantages of listening to books instead of reading them is that you can save a great deal of time by multitasking. You can listen to your favorite author if the other tasks don’t necessitate much of your attention. Modern life is busy and hectic. 

Perhaps you have a lot going on with your home life and work life, which only makes it impossible to make time for a good book. Reading hard copies is the preferred choice of many bookworms, but you can’t deny the time-saving capabilities of audiobooks. 

Because they’re easy to access, audiobooks let you manage your time more efficiently. All you need, at any point in the day and at any location, is a simple tap of a button and enough energy to get other responsibilities completed. 

It’s not always simple to just open a book and start reading, but audiobooks grant you this luxury. You can read anywhere while still doing and completing most of your daily tasks.  

For example, you can start using your commute time to catch up on reading. You don’t have to waste precious time while in your car or sitting on the train. 

You can listen to audiobooks to improve your mental & physical health 

Obviously, audiobooks inspire and captivate us, but they can also help us escape sleep problems? In fact, a lot of people are listening to audiobooks to help them flake out at night. 

Some would even say that listening to audiobooks would remind them of the same comfort they felt when their parents read to them as kids. Audiobooks are also handy if you want to avoid the adverse effects of screen time before bed. 

The practice of listening to a book before bed is becoming is getting so much attention that the Sleep Council in the UK is teeming with Penguin Books to produce a series of audio stories that are part soundscape, part descriptive narrative using soothing slow voices and relaxing sounds to get you into the right frame for sleep. 

But you’d better keep those audiobooks out of your car’s playlist and avoid driving when you’re tired. AccidentClaims.co.uk experts warn drowsy drivers to avoid driving long distances when tired because it can impair judgment and reaction time. 

Audiobooks make reading entertaining and accessible 

For many people, reading can be a chore. That doesn’t necessarily mean that books are boring (although some are), but not everyone is endowed with the best attention span to sit down and read books for hours. 

It’s clear that in order to get a taste of this experience, some people need something more. And audiobooks are here to save the day. Often audiobooks feature surpassingly good voice acting, music, and emotional intonations, which makes them more exciting and engaging. 

What’s more, audiobooks are an ideal alternative medium for people with reading problems or disabilities.  

For example, individuals with dyslexia can benefit from listening to audiobooks as they can actually retain stories better when they hear them. On the other hand, those with visual disabilities can listen to audiobooks rather than struggle to read the text. 

To put it simply, one of the benefits of audiobooks is that they’re more accessible to a wider audience. They offer a second chance to those who want to learn and adventure to those who normally wouldn’t pick up a book. 

Audiobooks make learning easier 

There’s no secret that reading develops your existing knowledge. Books open us to new worlds, teach us new life lessons and introduce us to new ideas. And audiobooks make all these much easier. 

Since you can use audiobooks in any setting, it can save you a lot of time, thus motivating you to listen to more books. Because of this convenience and easy access to a plethora of learning materials, you can learn on the go. 

Learning has never been easy. And accumulating new information isn’t simple for most people. It takes time and dedication to become a well-informed individual, especially when you’re busy. 

Listening to audiobooks can make learning much easier, even more fun, and exciting. Obviously, you should not ignore printed books, but there’s no harm in learning new things in a comfortable medium that brings more human elements to books. 

But in the end, whether you prefer to acquire new information through listening to an audiobook or reading a written text, your brain chooses what you actually enjoy. 

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