Which eReader did Google choose?

It’s happened! Google has chosen the new iRiver Story HD as the first eReader device to feature integration with their Google eBooks. The release of the new device will be July 17th and only at Target stores in the US and at their website.

Although Google Books can be read on over 80 compatible devices, according to a post on the Google Blog, one of the main advantages of the iRiver is the ability to browse, buy and read Google ebooks directly on the device rather than having to download to your computer and then transfer your ebooks to your chosen device.
If you are thinking of purchasing an iRiver we recommend checking out the reviews online like we did. As with any technology there are mixed reviews. The iRiver has features such as:

  • 800 X 600 resolution
  • Built in mp3 player
  • Voice recorder
  • Office file viewer
  • Personal organizer
  • Memopad and scheduler

Along with these features the iRiver will store up to 13,000 books, has 2GB internal memory with the option of using a SD Card to store up to 16GB. You’ll be able to read all the usual formats ebooks are found though the iRiver is reported to have the ability to zoom in and pan PDF’s more easily than other eReaders.

Given the mixed reviews we’ve seen we highly recommend that you do your research before you make your eReader purchase. Some links you might find handy…



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