Rumours of the new Kindle are beginning to surface

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the fact that the Kindle™ needed to drop a bomb in the eReading space in order to keep up with the seemingly fast innovative pace that Barnes and Noble and the Nook™ seem to be setting. Well, apparently has been feeling much the same way and is apparently preparing to drop that bomb.

It’s getting old, Amazon.

For 3 “generations” the Kindle™ keyboard has survived and with the tablet and with the eReader space getting more and more dominated by touch screens, many have been calling for the Kindle™ to “get with the program”. Now it looks like Amazon just might be getting ready to release an updated version of their eReader – and we all are hoping that the keyboard goes and the touch screen prevails.

The rumor mill is abuzz with speculation on what the new Kindle™ will be like. It might seem pre-emptive to assume that a new Kindle™ is in the offing, however, experts say that with the refurbished model pricing slashed to $99 comes the logical assumption that a new model will be announced very soon. Furthermore, it seems that has registered 2 new domains – and – based on this article on Fusible, which the rumor mill seems to think implies that there will be annotation abilities built into this new Kindle™.

Finally … a new Kindle … hopefully.

Frankly, I am just glad that there is SOME buzz about a new Kindle™ afoot. It seems wholly overdue considering what else has been happening in the tablet and eReader world. Of course, experience with Amazon has told me that they rarely, if ever, respond to industry in a way that Barnes and Noble or Samsung seem to do: loudly and flashily.

In fact, in my head, is the stately old money family that continues to shock and awe us with their steady pace of innovation and quiet resolve to change the face of reading – regardless of what their competitors are up to. Barnes and Noble always seems to me be to trying to “catch up” and surpass with product releases that on the surface LOOK to be putting the “old money” to shame; participating in some frantic race to out-sell and out-awe.

As small as the idea of ‘annotations with a stylus’ sounds, when you think about it, could really make one leap ahead of the game again with such a feature – especially if they really and truly DO get rid of the awkward keyboard it has been lugging around since the 1st generation Kindle™. I have had many people tell me that the Kindle™ just isn’t viable for student use since it really has no notational abilities that make sense. If this is going to be a big part of the next Kindle™, and includes a stylus for handwriting, I’d say this is quite a leap.

Personally – I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us.

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