How to Write a Motivation Letter for Scholarship

A motivation letter for scholarship is a letter of appeal to the committee that decides whether to grant you money for your project or not. It is like a cover letter for your resume where you explain that you are the best candidate for a specific position. The same is here. A motivation letter aims to explain why you are the best person for a scholarship and how you plan to use the education you are going to receive.

The review committee has to choose only the best students for scholarship as they cannot grant it for all candidates. Thus, they have to narrow the number of those who they can assist. Reading a motivation letter is one of the strategies to reduce the number of candidates. So, you need to explicate why you need scholarship and education. Since the stakes are high, students and job applicants buy a motivation letter from professional writers to increase their chances of success.

The scholarship is usually granted to graduate students and some Bachelor’s programs. If you think you are eligible for a scholarship, you should consider the documents you have to gather in advance. You should also ensure that the motivational letter is written following all the set requirements.

Do not underestimate the roles of an application. You may either impress the committee with your writing or spoil the whole impression. Consider that the review committee representatives do not know you. They are unaware of your brilliant ideas and ability to learn. They do not see how fast you process information and apply it in practice. They do not understand your great goals in this life. A motivation letter is a space where you can share your ideas and goals with them. 

Show who you are as a person and do not forget to present your knowledge. The committee should try to see that you are a smart person who can wisely use obtained knowledge if they grant a scholarship to you. 

Start Effectively

Imagine how much work the committee reads every day. If your beginning is boring or does not differ much from others (if you use some standard phrases), you risk failing the application. Your application should begin with some brilliant ideas that will help you grasp attention.

You need to learn as much as possible about the educational institution and speak the language they understand. It does not mean that you need to use terminology if you apply for a scholarship in a technical program. You should raise the topics that may catch their attention.

Develop an Outline

Even if a motivation letter is usually a short piece, you should develop an outline of what you are going to dwell on. An outline helps you structure your thoughts and does not spread attention to different disconnected pieces. An outline also helps you remain organized and logical in your paper.

Brainstorm the ideas you may emphasize in your motivation letter. Think not only about what an admission officer may want to read in the paper, but what issues could make your work unique and outstanding from other pieces.

Try to answer the following questions:

● Why do I apply for a scholarship?

● What are your unique skills, experience, and qualifications that may contribute to the university?

● Why do you apply to this specific university?

Check the requirements for writing a motivation letter to ensure that you cover all the needed issues. 

Write an Introduction

As already mentioned, you need to pay much attention to your introduction, as here the officers will decide whether to continue reading your paper or not. Introduce yourself and indicate your intentions. The review committee needs to see why you apply and how you may benefit the university. 

Avoid general statements that do not refer to you personally. A motivation letter should be personal to attract attention and create some connection between you and the officer. 

Try to develop each sentence in such a way that it encourages the reader to continue reading your paper. 

Never Copy

Copying any pieces of information is plagiarism. You may take the motivation letter of another student and paraphrase it. It is a bad idea. No direct plagiarism will be found, but such works usually remain without attention. Admission committee officers read thousands of letters a year. So, if you simply use other words for the same ideas, they will notice.

No similar papers are accepted. Colleges and universities seek unique and outstanding people who can contribute to their reputation and brand. Those applicants who copy or paraphrase the works of others cannot make a difference; they will not make a change.

Define Your Strengths in the Main Body

Writing your motivation letter for scholarship you need to highlight your strengths. People should see that you are a person with a particular set of features and skills that will contribute to their overall operation. Each university seeks students who can make them stand out. Fame and popularity increase the position of a university in the general rank. Thus, you can become the one who will make a difference for a particular university. Your task at this stage is to convince the committee that you are the one they need. 

Don’t be afraid to boost your strong sides. This is the place where you can do it. Still, make sure that you possess these features and do not simply imagine anything to get the application approved.

And Effectively

If a committee officer has read your paper till the end, it is a great achievement. You should not spoil their impression here. End effectively. You have to ensure that the officer will take into account what you have tried to say.

Check The Length

Ensure that the paper you have written fully corresponds to the requirements. Check the format and word count. If you have completed an ideal letter, but the length does not fit the requirements, you will fail the paper. Take into consideration that; do not exceed the expected amount of words.

Edit It

Always edit your paper. No matter how short it is and how confident you are in your ideas, you have to proofread and edit your paper. Leave your letter for some time after writing, and return to editing in a day or two. The following strategy can help you look at the paper from a fresh perspective


So, if you do not know how to write a motivation letter for a scholarship, you need to check the pieces of advice professional writing experts have provided. Just make sure that you keep to the guidelines and do not try to sound artificial. Be yourself, highlight your strengths, and indicate how you may contribute to the university.

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