How To Use Video To Promote Author and Books!

Video is a great way to grab readers’ attention and engage with them on a personal level online. Videos can also lead to a rapid increase in book sales as almost 84 % of consumers have been convinced to buy a product via watching a video online. And as people are twice more likely to share videos that they like, videos have also proved to be a great way to gain exposure to new potential readers online.

Since video can be such a powerful medium of marketing, here are some examples of how you as an author can use videos to engage with your readers. But sometimes, creating videos might seem a little too much. You should always keep in mind that many of these videos are under one minute, even if you are not a professional video maker. You can make natural videos with the help of an online video editor, which might get you thousands of views.

And it is again obvious that if your views like your concept of video and content, they will let you know through comments.

Book Trailers:

Book trailers have a very impactful effect on the viewers, just like movie trailers. Make sure when you create your trailer that book trailers should have the following characteristics.

  1. It should create awareness about your book.
  2. It should help you engage and connect with your readers
  3. It should be enticing, so viewers see the need to buy your book.

Book trailers should provide a glimpse of the main characters and a general overview of the story to create curiosity within the audience online.

To create a fantastic book video trailer, make sure to keep your video short and sweet and not more than one minute or a minute and a half long. And also, make sure that you hold back from crucial sections, plot twists, and no hint about the ending.

Book trailers have the capabilities to reach millions of people in a short amount of time.

You Can Show Copies of Books Getting Prepped for Delivery:

There are many authors already who post sweet videos of packing up their books for their readers. These kinds of videos deliver a personal touch and connection between the readers and authors. If you are someone who packs the orders yourself, you can put in small book accessories like handmade bookmarks or hand-written notes, etc., so your readers feel special while opening the packaged book. You can incorporate some happy readers’ videos who have received your package before in your video, which will make your new viewers see the authenticity of your book.

You Can Record the Author Behind the Scenes Video:

Most of the readers online would get curious to know the person behind the words of the book. Readers are usually fascinated by the creative writing process of the writing. Therefore, as authors, you can create behind-the-scenes videos that have the following factors.

  1. Shares the writing routine
  2. You can also talk about workspace and inspirations for your book.

The scenes in videos are mostly casual and genuine. So always make sure that from your side you are normal and your natural self. Meaning you do not have to prepare yourself for this kind of video. Keep your video simple and honest and share it with minimal editing. These kinds of videos help you to make a personal connection with your audience. It also enables you to build trust and interest in your viewers towards your works and eventually lead to more followers and readers.

The behind-the-scenes videos can take many different forms; for example, John Green, New York Times bestselling author, has a YouTube channel dedicated to his readers named Vlogbrothers: John and Hank Green. Similarly, many other famous authors use these types of videos to create content that can be enjoyed and related by their target audience. There are many topics on daily vlog that you can cover; the best and exciting topic is as follows:

  1. Books
  2. Jokes
  3. Activism
  4. Politics

Many readers would love to hear their favorite authors talk about these topics over the internet. 

Booking Reading Video:

An online audience would feel book reading sessions as a great concept; many communities still enjoy a good book reading session online.

There are many other reasons for adopting this technique of book marketing. For example, the authors can go live for these kinds of sessions and engage with their audience. They can make videos using video editing software like InVideo and then post them on their website or social media platforms.

Read-aloud sessions are a win-win method for both the authors and the audience. For the audience and parents of kids who are stuck at home, watching booking reading videos is a great way to keep the kids active, educated, and entertained. On the other hand, the authors who share a few pages of their book can create interest in the book amongst their audience.

Author Interview Video:

Author interviews can be an excellent way to connect with new potential readers. You can post your interview no matter how long it is over your social media platforms in different clips and footage. When you split your video into many other clips, it works the best for the millennials and the Gen-Z generation of your audience.

The Author interviews create a sense of trust and respect in the audience towards the author. It helps the best when the interview makes a positive impact on the audience towards the author.

You Can Use Humor to Entertain Your Audience:

When you share videos, which are relatable and funny, your views would like and share your content even more. It might also help you expand your numbers of followers and loyal readers. For example, Brooke Cumberland, one of the romance writers in today’s world, posted a funny video showing how she can keep secrets from those in her everyday life. It made her go viral as more and more people came to know about her and her books.

Ending Note:

There are many ways in which you as an author can entertain your audience online via videos. These were the best techniques that you could use if you are new in book marketing. These methods will help you expand your reach of viewers and help you gain more popularity if you make your content wisely.

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