How to Load E-books to Nook and Kobo Glo


Many people want to use e-books this summer, because carrying your personal library with you is a breeze when all you need to do is take along a small, portable, lightweight e-reader device. That is an ideal option whether you are traveling by car or plane, are going to the beach or just to the swimming pool, or are backpacking into the wilderness or going on a long bicycle excursion.

But those who are new to e-book technology can often feel intimidated by their e-reader devices because they don’t know exactly how they work. Just as when someone upgrades to a smart phone for the first can be confusing, it’s natural for some users to experience a learning curve when trying out e-books without anyone to show them the ropes.

Once you purchase content you’ll need to download it to your e-reader, otherwise it stays out of reach and you aren’t able to enjoy those titles. So here are some easy explanations of how to load e-books to two of the most popular devices – the Nook and the Kobo Glo.

Downloading / Uploading to Nook

Those who own a Barnes & Noble Nook e-reader can log on to their Barnes & Noble account using any secure Wi-Fi connection, and then shop to their heart’s content using the “Shop” icon at the bottom of the screen to enter the Barnes & Noble account  store. Just tap on the Books icon to start browsing and buying. Once the purchase is completed, as long as you have not changed the default settings on your Nook, your book will be immediately downloaded.

Otherwise, if you have changed the settings to protect your account from unauthorized purchases you’ll be asked to enter your password and then the transactions will proceed as usual. It’s as easy as that to load titles onto your Nook e-reader.

You can also load e-books that are stored on your computer to your Nook, by connected the two devices via a USB cable. When you look at the storage drives on your computer (which you can view using the My Computer tool) the Nook will appear, and you just click on it and open the file called My Files. Then drag whatever e-books or documents that you want to load onto the Nook into that folder. Afterwards right-click on the Nook icon, click on Eject, disconnect the USB cable, and your new books should be available inside the library on your Nook.

Saving Books to Kobo Glo

Buying books from the Kobo store works in a similar way. You tap the Bookstore icon the home screen of the device, click or tap on it, and then start browsing for books. Once your purchase is completed the e-books you’ve bought will be stored in Kobo’s cloud computers. If you want to download one of those titles, just tap on Library, choose Books, and tap on the particular book that you are ready to download. Transferring books and other documents from your computer is similarly easy, using the same kinds of steps you’d use to load the Nook device.

Since the Kobo Glo reads books in EPUB and PDF format, you won’t be able to directly download books that come are in incompatible formats. Most public libraries, for instance, protect their books from copyright infringement by using a formatting tool called Digital Rights Management or DRM. The way to work around that hurdle is to use a free software program from Adobe, (the same company that supplies DRM) called Adobe Digital Editions. You can subscribe to Adobe Digital Editions at the Adobe website and then install in on your computer.

A helpful tip to know, if you want to download free books from the Kobo Glo store and also find ones that not going to be protected by DRM or need to have their format tweaked by Adobe Digital Editions, is to use the Kobo Glo “old interface.” The “old interface” is the version of the Kobo Glo website used by countries in the world that do not include some of the major industrialized nations like the USA, UK, Germany, France, and Canada – where users access their Kobo Glo store using the “new interface.”

How do you get to the old version, even if you live in a country like the USA where it is not used? You can access the site through HOLA! That way you’ll enter through the older portal, and once you’re there you will have access to free downloadable books and you’ll also see “DRM-Free” listed below the book where its format is listed. Look for “DRM-free” titles, shop just those, and you don’t have to worry about doing a DRM work-around.

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