Ever dreamed of being an author? Now you can – with Foboko.com

I have exciting news for you, our readers, today. For today, Paradise Publishers launches our newest venture: social publishing on Foboko.com. Foboko takes an innovative approach to writing and publishing with its super helpful, step-by-step wizard that takes you by the hand and shows you where and how to get started, and guides you through the whole book writing process up to and including publication.

With so many revolutionary changes in the eBook industry lately, we believe that our Foboko.com will fit right into this new era in indie publishing. We tip our hats to the pioneers such as J. K. Rowling with her bold move to make the Harry Potter eBooks available from her own website Pottermore.com and to Tor for announcing that they would be removing DRM from all their eBooks.

Feedback from our beta period has been positive and full of energy. Educators are excited about it stating they are thrilled with the idea of Foboko and that they look forward to incorporating it into their curriculum to help their students.

If you have ever wanted to try your hand at writing, but were never sure how or where to start, Foboko.com is a ready-made solution for you.

Trust me, you’re going to love it!

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