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This week, our own Jennifer Lynn sat down and had a talk with Arlene Radasky about her book The Fox:

eBookEnvy: Welcome Arlene! We’re so happy to have you as our Author to interview today!

eBookEnvy: Our first question for Arlene who is the Author of The Fox…. is… 1. Is The Fox fiction or non, or based on true story?

Arlene Radasky: Yes, it is based on the discovery and research done on the Lindow man as seen in the book ‘The Life and Death of a Druid Prince’ by Anne Ross and Don Robins

eBookEnvy: Our next question for Arlene is… 2. Is it about a fox? Or is that a metaphor?

Arlene Radasky: The Fox was his animal name, Lovern. The Celts had animal spirits and he was found with a fox skin around his arm.

eBookEnvy: We’d also like to know, Arlene, 3. How long did it take to write The Fox?

Arlene Radasky: It took me about three years to do all the research, the first draft and the final edits for The Fox. I write when I can, it is not evey day but big chunks of time when I can.

eBookEnvy: As an Author Arlene, have you written any other books? Or many books?

Arlene Radasky: The Fox is my only novel now, but I have short stories and poetry that have been published in different anthologies.

eBookEnvy: Arlene, are you currently writing another book?

Arlene Radasky: Yes, I am writing about a woman and man who lived about 2400 BC in Scotland and England, before Stonehenge had stones! It is about their lives and is also based on an archeological find. The woman was born in Skara Brae, Scotland and the man was born in Switzerland but died in England and I want to give him a life.

Arlene Radasky: It is called Sea Hawk and I hope to have the first draft done soon.

eBookEnvy: Arlene, does The Fox contain moral or message from your heart?

Arlene Radasky: As humans we have one animal, basic need, to continue our gene line, out bloodline. Family is all important. And History often is very cold, gives up facts but not the emotions of the people who lived in our past. I wanted to give them emotions and decisions that we can relate to.

eBookEnvy: Which book, Arlene, would you most like to have written and why? Also is that book like yours or not?

Arlene Radasky: The King Must Die by Mary Renault and Angelique by Serganne Golan. Both have a lot of true history and good stories. I hope to be thought of to be as good as they are.

eBookEnvy: Arlene, you are an older woman just now diving into the world of audio and online publishing. Do you think there’s some advantage to making his leap when you’re older rather than younger? Is the story richer from your having incorporated some of your own life experience into the writing than if you have done this at 30?

Arlene Radasky: Being the age I was to start writing The Fox was important. If I had written it at a younger age, it would have had a different slant.

When Arlene was young she was caught up in the “romance” of life. At the age she started writing The Fox she was able to step back and see it from the eyes of what happens after all that. The romance is not gone she says, but her life experiences in Disaster Services with the Red Cross and now Hospice became a huge part of this book and was only possible at the age she decided to write The Fox. Arlene also shared that she has the gift of having the time and resources now at her age to write.

eBookEnvy: Arlene our second last question for you is… 9. What inspired the idea of bringing two such diverse worlds together in The Fox and how much research did you have to do to make the book as good as it is?

Arlene Radasky: I wanted to bring both times together to show the family continuation, the continuing of the bloodline. Lovern and Jahna made decisions to allow that to happen. I was doing research the full three and 1/2 years of writing The Fox.

Arlene Radasky: I also wanted to show a link between the idea and work of hospice. The Ancient Celtic words Anam Cara mean Soul Friend. It is carreid through to todays hopices and is a basis in both my book The Fox and our culture today.

eBookEnvy: Thank you Arlene for joining us today!

Check out Arlene’s book:

And her author profile here: http://www.free-ebooks.net/authors.php?author=Arlene+Radasky

Is there anywhere else they can find you and your work?

Arlene Radasky: Thank you, Jennifer for inviting me as a guest. I enjoyed it very much. for more informations please go to my website http://www.radasky.com/Site/Welcome.html

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