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How to Write a Motivation Letter for Scholarship

A motivation letter for scholarship is a letter of appeal to the committee that decides whether to grant you money for your project or not. It is like a cover letter for your resume where you explain that you are the best candidate for a specific position. The same is here. A motivation letter aims to explain why you are the best person for a scholarship and how you plan to use the education you are going to receive.

The review committee has to choose only the best students for scholarship as they cannot grant it for all candidates. Thus,

Top Professions for Writing Majors

A writing degree makes for one of the more flexible career options. After all, companies across all kinds of fields require written content in some form, such as copywriting or content writing. You can also choose to work for one company or take on freelance work. Freelance work can be a particularly lucrative choice as you pick the jobs you want that fits your desired schedule. With all of these options available, it may be difficult to settle on a profession. Below are some of the most popular career choices for you.

Paying for Your Degree

If you

5 Steps to Becoming a Professional Writer!

A dream job is one that will combine a passion with enough earning power for you to live a comfortable life. Going through with the idea and turning dreams into reality is a daunting prospect, but not impossible. If you want to turn your words into money, here are five steps that will get you started in realizing your potential and ambitions to succeed and earn as a writer.

1. Financial Security:

A reality that must be emphasized is that it may take a few years before you start making enough money for you to be able to

How to Cite – A quick Guide!

What is Citation and Why is it Needed?

A citation is the reference to the information you have quoted or used in your article, assignment, etc. It tells your readers where the information has been extracted from and helps them locate the original source of the information. Citations help credibility to your writing and keeps your readers informed that you conducted a thorough research before writing.

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Citations are very important for your paper. Whether

4 Top Tips to Becoming an Author!

Maybe you’ve been picturing massive worlds filled with knights and sorcerers since you were little. Maybe your life is bizarre and eventful, and it’s just too remarkable not to share. Maybe you have a story dancing in your mind that just speaks to you—that one romance, or mystery, or coming-of-age story that you can feel says something meaningful. There are all sorts of reasons you might choose to become an author, but the challenges you’ll face are almost always the same: where do you start honing your skills? How do you turn this into a career? And, perhaps