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A small guide to eBook file formats: which one is right for you?

These days, you can find pretty much every book in digital format, from school textbooks to children’s picture books, novels, and self-help books. And that, of course, is a good thing. E-books make knowledge more accessible, and they’re great for when you’re on-the-go. You can read at home, in school, or on your daily commute.

However, when you first go from reading only in print to reading in digital format, you might be confused by the wide variety of formats available. Apart from the formats that sound familiar, such as .txt and .pdf, you’ll see new ones,

The Virtual Bed. An app to help with COVID-19 patients

Palo IT has built an app that allows medical personal to monitor patients who may have the coronavirus to get attention without travel or the need for more hospital beds.

Please share with healthcare friends or your social media channel. It’s a small thing but good news to share.


This idea is inspired by a remote monitoring platform for hypertension and the need to prevent hospitals from becoming overwhelmed by non-critical cases.

What it does

Virtual Bed is a cloud enabled mobile app that helps a small number of healthcare professionals provide care and support for vast

How to Get Amazon’s Alexa to Read E-books to You

It can be great to have someone else read to you…while you simply chill-out and relax. But with conventional audio reading, you have may even have to have a CD player handy. Let’s face it, that’s so “last century” in this digitally-advanced day and age. But now there is a cool hack that can literally transform your library of e-books for Kindle into an e-library of audio versions. You can sit and just listen, even with your eyes closed, to all those same great titles you enjoy. All it takes is utilizing Amazon Kindle in conjunction with Amazon’s

3 Great Reasons to Check Out Kobo E-Readers this Month

The Kobo company, based in Canada, is quickly gaining ground, and if you haven’t paid attention to Kobo before, you may want to check it out now. Kobo is lesser-known than giant – which invented the first e-reader device – and Kobo is also a relatively new player in the global e-reader device marketplace. But it now is in partnership with Amazon’s biggest retail rival, Wal-Mart.

Wal-Mart to Offer E-books

Wal-Mart and Kobo have teamed-up to start selling e-books, as well as Kobo e-reader devices and audiobooks. Wal-Mart plans to begin adding those items to its extensive

4 Questions to Answer Before Shopping for an E-Reader

What Kind of Screen and E-Ink Do You Want?

Several years ago it was pretty easy to shop for your first e-reader, because the only one available was the Amazon Kindle, which came in only one model or version. Now there are literally dozens of e-reader device to choose from, which can make it harder to know where to begin. But you can simplify your shopping by asking four fundamental questions.

What is Your Budget?

The budget is the first thing to identify, and there are excellent e-readers on the market today that range in price from around