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15 Student Resources to Keep Up With Everything!

As a student, you have to be constantly improving upon your knowledge base and your skills. Also, you have to keep yourself updated on everything university-related, be it course updates, events, and student opportunities.

How to do this when it’s not recommended to go out onto the streets at all? Well, the Internet becomes our main source of information. In this article, we’ve collected 15 essential resources for students:

1. Cousera:

Cousera is an amazing platform where many academic institutions from all over the world post their courses. They can be both open and closed behind a paywall,

How To Use Video To Promote Author and Books!

Video is a great way to grab readers’ attention and engage with them on a personal level online. Videos can also lead to a rapid increase in book sales as almost 84 % of consumers have been convinced to buy a product via watching a video online. And as people are twice more likely to share videos that they like, videos have also proved to be a great way to gain exposure to new potential readers online.

Since video can be such a powerful medium of marketing, here are some examples of how you as an author can

E-Generation: How E-books Have Changed Our Lives & How to Enjoy the Best Books on Your iDevice!

The era of searching books on a dusty old shelf is long gone. Now, people can read and access thousands of books by searching on their search engine. Not only this brings easy access for the readers but it is also helping the planet go green.

Modern Technology (Internet) has indeed changed the way of using libraries; for example, people can now read books on their mobile devices. There are a lot of different ways to open eBooks format files on your iPhone or iPad, but all of them are time-consuming and long.

Well, don’t worry, in this

5 Ways e-Books Can Help with New Year’s Resolutions

Starting off a year on the right foot – with positive goals and worthwhile objectives – is a great idea, and one that has become a global tradition in the form of New Year’s resolutions. Many of us make resolutions each January. Maybe we want to exchange some bad habits for better ones; save some extra money; or just do a better job of managing our work or valued relationships.

The trick, of course, is to create resolutions that not only stretch us in the right direction but are also practical and reasonable. Experts explain that the reason

What is it that makes bad writing “bad”?

What is it that makes bad writing bad? Well, that is a rather subjective judgement call. According to the writer of this WSJ article, “[i]t’s impossible to define bad writing because no one would agree on a definition.” This is true. Bad writing for me is likely to not be the same as bad writing for you.

To be completely honest, I am somewhat of a book snob. I have been known to turn up my nose, sniff and repeatedly utter “My word!” in a very Miss Marple-esque way when I encounter what I deem to be