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Does your Kindle have a blank screen? Do this to fix it.

Amazon Kindle e-readers with the new UI are having a major problem. They are showing a blank screen and hundreds of thousands of users are faced with this problem. Rebooting the Kindle or factory wiping it, does not solve the issue. Amazon customer service has disclosed to Good e-Reader a new method to solve this problem until Amazon issues a firmware update.

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Smartphone grips can be of more convenience when paired with an e-reader

Smartphone grips aren’t anything new. They have been there for a while now and offer a convenient option to hold the smartphone with one hand. However, such grips can make more sense when attached to an e-reader than perhaps on a smartphone. There are several reasons for that.

For one, such grips add to the width of the smartphones even if that is in a very localized manner. This can make the smartphone extremely unstable when placed on a flat surface. More than that, smartphones are used more often and are required to be carried in our pockets

What new feature would you like the Amazon Kindle to have?

The Amazon Kindle is the most popular e-reader in the world. There are many new functionality and enhancements that would make it a better product. It would be nice to have reading statistics and Kindle Challenges be incorporated, right now they are only available within the Kindle app for Android and iOS. Kindle Vella stories are only available on the website, having these serials on the Kindle would also be a good move, as it would reach more people. What new features or bug fixes would you like to see on the Kindle?

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First look at the Hisense Hi Reader Pro with an E INK Screen

The Hisense Hi Reader Pro is a great pocket-friendly e-reader, that can also double as a phone. It has great hardware specs and robust software that has various speed modes, to greatly enhance the e-paper display. This model actually comes with a number of free accessories, such as a leather-bound ledger, used for taking notes and a silicone case that will product the Hi Reader, both are orange with Chinese lettering on them. Don’t be fooled though, this might only be marketed in China, but does have support for multiple languages, including a full English UI.

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Hands-on Review of the Lenovo Yoga Paper E-Note

Lenovo has had experience with E INK in the past. They had a few laptops with secondary screens called the Yoga Book, although they were pretty expensive. They did not sell very well and the product line is pretty well discontinued. Lenovo instead, has developed a dedicated E INK e-Note called the Yoga Paper for the Chinese market. The company has announced through various social media channels that they will use will have an international release, called the Lenovo Smartbook. It remains to be seen what markets it will launch in,  however, more news might come to