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AMSPA 2023 Show: See Liquivida’s IV Therapy in Action

The 2023 American MedSpa Association Show will feature Liquivida, a leading distributor of vitamin IV therapy products and solutions, will be introducing IV therapy to the MedSpa industry for the first time.

The president and founder of Liquivida, Sam Tejada, and the chief medical officer, Dr. Christopher Davis, will be leading an educational session on how MedSpa owners can safely and effectively incorporate IV therapy into their services and product mix.

According to Cassandra Westerman of the American MedSpa Association (Amspa), members have been requesting more actionable business advice on adding vitamin IV therapy to their offerings.

Why Mattress Marketing Has to Be More Mobile Friendly and How to Achieve It!

The industry of mattresses is constantly evolving. It is undergoing a digital change. It is important for a business to spend a good amount of marketing dollars on mobile advertising campaigns. Mattress searching is the same as finding any other service online.

Users quickly disregard mattresses that are not optimized for mobile devices. To make it easy for consumers, many of the mattress manufacturers are focusing on making it mobile friendly. There are certain ways by which a mattress company can be made mobile friendly.

About mobile marketing:

Mobile marketing refers to marketing using mobile devices. It

How to Select the Right Mattress for Obese People!

Whether you are obese or not, for better management of your weight, you need to choose right kind of mattress that is comfortable to you. Generally, people think that obesity is mainly controlled by diet and right exercise however research proves that the quality and duration of your sleep also affects your weight.

The relationship between weight management and sleeping is like a 2-way street. Due to insufficient sleep one gains weight and also due to weight gain one does not get proper sleep. Therefore, in order to break this cycle, we need to find ways and means

Mattress Buying Guide – Learn How to Select the Right Mattress Firmness

Mattress serves a significant purchase for a person. It greatly impacts the health of a person. A comfortable mattress is very important to get good sleep in night. The firmness of a mattress is a huge aspect in determining the comfort of a mattress. It can make or break a good night’s sleep. When purchasing a brand-new mattress, it is essential to find one that meets your needs precisely.

Comfort is directly linked with how plush or firm a mattress is. There are a few other factors in determining how comfortable a mattress is. This article will equip

Losing weight is all about what you gain

Losing weight is all about what you gain

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Losing weight is all about what you gain. Many people have thought about losing weight over the years, but often seem to fall short of an actual attempt to do it. The reason why so many people think about