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These 3 Key Strategies Helped Solutions 8 Become the Best Google Ads Agency on the Planet

I first met Kasim about 7 years ago, when he was a hungry young agency owner.

And now look at him… teaching the paid ads mastery curriculum at DigitalMarketer, having the most popular YouTube channel on Google Ads, being networked with the top digital players, and having a growing agency with 70 staff.

So I wanted to get inside his brain to understand what he did differently– since most agency owners fall on their face, unable to deliver results for clients, unable to keep clients, unable to have the best team members, and unable to establish thought leadership.

How can you buy from Audible and Kindle on e-readers, phones, and tablets?

Amazon recently announced that they are no longer going to allow people to buy audiobooks with the Audible App and ebooks with the Kindle app from their apps on Google Play. This is because Google recently implemented a policy that all in-app transactions are handled through the Google Billing system, whereas before companies had their own billing systems.

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I’ve written 12 ebooks and my fingers haven’t fallen off yet!

Go check them out here on my author profile.

Believe it or not, I’ve held back for the first 40 years of my life on writing a book.

I felt that it wasn’t the right time, I didn’t know enough, I was too busy with my career– and sitting down to write a book would take agonizing months.

But then a mentor told me this….

Just write a BOOK, not THE book.

In other words, you don’t need to have your first book be the be all and end all of all books. Once you get your