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One disturbing way the media manipulates us so easily

I saw this just 5 minutes ago on Twitter.

On the surface, it seems innocuous enough– an article by the Washington Post about how is banning “propaganda ads” against climate change.

But look closer at the bottom of the tweet and you see it’s a Twitter ad, applying the “dollar a day” approach to influence you, my friend.

This article has nothing to do climate change, conspiracy theories– or any polarizing issue, for that matter.

Rather, I want you to see how the media is using micro-targeted advertising to subconsciously convince you. And how the ad platforms

Gavin Lira Reveals How to “Write” a Best-Seller in 90 Minutes Flat

We were hanging out at Gavin’s house when we started thinking about how good it is to write a book to promote a personal or corporate brand.

I remember saying to Gavin “yeah, but just the thought of writing a book is enough to make me want to procrastinate. Does it happen to you, too?”

A book can increase your brand’s presence, get us on more stages and help you build your personal brand. We knew that, but as simple as it might seem to just get an idea and start writing, taking the first step is just

5 books for entrepreneurs to increase motivation to work

These 5 books for entrepreneurs will help you understand the essence of doing business and what qualities you need to possess to be a winner. 

Business literature has achieved incredible popularity in this decade. In the selection of autobiography books and books about building a successful business, you can find many really inspiring books. However, some books help to understand the essence of doing business, the origins, and how the processes work.

In this article, we will tell you about not the most obvious works that will help every entrepreneur find inner motivation, pushing for future changes for