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How to Crowdfund Your Book

For the creative writer, there is perhaps no more satisfying feeling in the world than finishing a manuscript. You’ve poured endless amounts of time, creativity and soul into these pages, and you’re keen to share the ideas with the world.

While writing a book is certainly not easy, many writers are surprised to find that getting a book published is much more challenging and laborious than putting pen to paper. 

In the competitive world of traditional publishing, many fantastic books go unrecognized and unpublished. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Chances are, you’re like the many

Writing and Creating an Ebook: A Comprehensive Guide

How to Create a Successful Ebook: A Step-by-Step Guide for Writers

By Warren Whitlock, Best Seller Authors

I have been I have creating books and other media for decades. I’ve owned a publishing company and produced dozens of hit books, courses, podcasts and video. Many times, I have help a subject matter expert go from zero recognition to best-selling author.

You can spend years writing a great book though I’ve found that the best way to start is to get an ebook written and published quickly, so I put together a comprehensive guide to help aspiring writers

How to Leverage the PR Power of a Book


The book is expected to have a strong PR power, and the interviews with top CEOs in healthcare are expected to give the author perceived authority, just like I interviewed Chandler Bolt, the CEO of Self-Publishing School, for the book.

Recently, I conducted interviews with ten top CEOs in healthcare for a book on the impatient modern consumer. The book’s primary goal was to drive more franchise leads for the IV therapy clinics of the author, Samael A Tejeda.

However, as the project progressed, the decision was made to interview competitors and other players in the