Can You Be a Self-Published Star?!

It’s happening more and more often and it’s something the traditional publishers don’t want to admit. The ability of unknown Authors to hit the Big Time by by-passing the Traditional Publishing route.

With a little cash upfront, and some ingenuity, creating a “buzz” is something self-published authors can do on their own allowing them to maintain more control of the creative process, capitalize on better opportunities, and ultimately keep more of the profits in their own pockets.

Stories like those of Zoe Winters’ are becoming more and more common. Until recently Zoe’s resume held a collection of odd jobs, as most struggling artists do, and then it happened! Zoe’s paranormal romance novels launched her from those “odd jobs” to being on target to make her first six-figure income. “Everyone said you can’t make a living writing, ironically, the only thing I can make a living doing is writing,” she said.

The Association for American Publishers has stated that book sales across all platforms grew only 3.9 percent between 2009 and 2010, ebook sales grew by an incredible 164.4 percent year-over-year. The shift from traditional books to digital books is revolutionizing the book industry.

New technology allows the writers to deliver their work directly to the consumers, like they do at, bypassing the need for expensive publicists and allows for consumer driven success. Devices like Apple’s iPad and the Amazon Kindle are making it easier and easier for writers to distribute their work to be directly consumed by avid readers.

Social media and digital platforms have made it easy to create a following but insiders in the industry say that the road to self-published stardom isn’t without it’s hiccups and set backs. Even Zoe Winters had a “10 year plan” she just happened to stumble upon success in year 2 of her plan.

The good news is that many people aren’t viewing self-publishing as a last resort any longer, but rather a strategic action plan. The success of many self-published writers has allowed many works to be enjoyed by consumers that very likely would have been turned down by the traditional publishers. As a result more diverse creative work is available for avid readers and a broader range of writers relish in the glory of their success.

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