Are You Easily Distracted by Reading Apps? Ways To Maximize Concentration

Reading on your phone is more convenient than carrying your favorite paperback books. You can flip the pages during your commute or lunch break. You don’t have to buy extra gadgets to use reader apps. Your device is your library.

Your phone can also be your biggest distraction. Today we consume more entertainment through our phones than through televisions. You can stream films and shows, scroll through social media, and more.

How do you turn off this noise for that interesting chapter?

Ways To Maximize Concentration on Your Phone

You can do a few things on your phone to keep your mind glued to the book and turn off the noise.

Mute All Notifications

To make the most of your reading time, you should consider your reading sessions sacred. When you value your time, you can guard it well. Messages from your social media feeds casino apps or even texts from friends can break your focus. Turn off all notifications or use the don’t disturb feature. Going into flight mode might seem a bit extreme, but why not if it kills the interruptions?

The goal is to avoid constant pop-up notifications in the middle of your reading. This way, you create a library-like environment for maximum efficiency.

Block Reading Slots

Reading apps are more adaptable and can help improve your reading culture. Setting timers are easy to use in your reader app. Establish a routine and allow your app to notify you when it’s book time. You can mute notifications to concentrate on your book.


A promised reward is a good motivator and can make you achieve targets easily. Advancements in mobile reader apps have made gamifying reading easier. You can set your targets on your chosen app or go with the app’s daily targets.

You’ll receive recognition badges or complimentary collectables when you achieve your daily objectives. With a prize in sight, you’re likely to focus better on accomplishing the tasks at hand. You can also personalize the process by allowing yourself complimentary access to your favourite sites or games after you’ve met your daily targets.

Download Books To Read Offline

Away from the internet, your ever-pinging phone can turn into a cold brick. Thanks to cloud computing, we leave everything on our mobile devices on remote servers. Because of this, being offline can make your phone less appealing. We hardly ever download entertainment material.

The only thing left is scrolling mindlessly through your photo album or rereading old texts. This will wear out quickly due to boredom. Downloading books to read offline is, therefore, a great idea. You can counter the boredom by beginning an exciting book, and before you know it, you’re lost in the plot.

A Delicate Balance

Smartphones are integral to our lives and have penetrated almost all aspects. It would be best if you adapted to reading on your phone for convenience unless you want to revert to PDAs. You must adapt and balance your phone usage to ensure that the immense entertainment portfolio doesn’t shadow the reading culture on your phone.

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