Amazon’s New Tablet

Yes! Amazon is going head-to-head with the Apple iPad and is expected to perform competitively. Something Apple hasn’t seen much of in the tablet market to date.

Amazon’s launch into the world of tablets reportedly includes a a multi-colour screen, like their Kindle, and will have a backlit 7-inch screen. With a price tag of around $300 or less it’s expected to be very competitive with the iPad.

With shipping expected to begin sometime in October Amazon’s tablet is sure to be on many wish lists for the holidays and would explain the current redesign of Amazon’s website.

The changes will soon be available to all shoppers and feature a cleaner homepage, a larger search bar with less buttons, and a new focus on digital products like games, ebooks and Amazon’s Android App Store. All of these changes will make navigating from their new tablet much more enjoyable and far easier than the current site.

All eyes in the market will be watching as Amazon’s tablets are predicted to run on Google’s Android operating system. Developers of Android Apps are ready and waiting to see the measure of success of the new tablet to jump in and provide more selection that may eventually be comparable to the number available for the iPad.

Time will tell but with the Holiday season fast approaching, the new site design, and the popularity of apps it looks like Amazon’s tablet will become a major player in the tablet industry.

Stay tuned as we’ll keep you up-to-date.

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