4 Tips for Reading E-Books on Your Smart Phone

coffee-and-smartphoneYou may be like the hundreds of millions of other readers on the planet who turn on an e-reader to enjoy novels, non-fiction, magazines, and more. But most people do not always leave home with a dedicated e-reader device like a Kindle or Nook tucked under their arm. Oftentimes you are traveling so light that all you take with you is your wallet and cell phone. So what do you do then about accessing e-books? Here are some answers to that questions – along with four great tips for connecting to your e-books via your smart phone.

Download an E-Reader App

There is probably a smart phone app associated with your e-reader device. Take the Kindle App, for example. The Kindle app is available for most major smart phones platforms. After you have downloaded it, anytime you buy a Kindle book you can automatically access it and read it on the device where your Kindle App is stored.

So the first step is to check with the company that made your e-reader gadget to see if there is an app, find out how to download it, and then add it to the app library on your cell phone. Some of the typical features offered by these apps include the ability to customize font size and typeface, store your personal e-book library in the cloud for easy access from anywhere, and the ability to add your own books or share them with friends via smart phone connectivity.

Take Advantage of Synching

Using a phone app for reading has other advantages, too, besides just portability. You can read on one device – say, for example, on your Nook e-reader, and then open up the same book from your smart phone with the app and start reading exactly where you left off. That’s enabled by technology that acts as a virtual bookmark.

Amazon’s Whispersync technology, for example, remembers the furthest page into the book that read and also lets you use others features to highlight passages or make notes. Pick up your phone and read a chapter while waiting for your train, for instance, highlight some sections, and then close the app. Then all of those changes you made are saved across all of your different devices, simultaneously. The ability to synchronize devices is available on Nook, Kobo, Kindle, and at many of the leading e-book stores.

Try Before You Buy

Another cool thing about e-reader apps is that they are kind of a miniature version of the full-fledged e-readers devices. That enables you to download and experiment with the app as a way to test drive the actual e-reader gadget before you invest money to purchase it. Say, for instance, that you want to buy an e-reader but you are not quite sure whether you want the Kindle or the Nook. Download a free app for the gadget that interest you.

Recently, for instance, Barnes & Noble was offering two free e-books to anyone who registered for the Nook App and downloaded it for free. If you take advantage of that kind of offer then you get access to a sample book or two and can have a firsthand experience of what features the company offers. Do the same thing with two or three different book sellers or e-reader supplies, and then you can make a truly informed decision about which one works best for you and your reader and consumer preferences.

Make Your Phone an Extension of Your E-Library

While evaluating the pros and cons of each smart phone app and the associated e-reader features, compare and contrast such things as whether you can send your own PDF files using the email feature of the device. Can you seamlessly sync between multiple devices like your smart phone, your tablet, and your e-reader? What about browsing for new titles of books you might like with the app? There are also many free e-book websites, including Free-Ebooks.net. How easy is it to access those sites and download titles using the smart phone app? Does the e-reading app give you access to your own personal cloud-based library or bookshelf?

In that way, once you have the e-reader app on your smart phone you can play around with it and see what it has to offer in terms of convenience, speed, personalized features, and book availability. Once you’ve made up your mind about which e-reader is for you, you’ll already be up to speed regarding how to use it in connection with the handy smart phone app.

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