CoinAgenda has Announces Speakers and Highlighted sponsors for its 6th Annual Web3 and Blockchain Conference in San Juan.

CoinAgenda Caribbean 2022. Now in its 4th year

Featured speakers include Dan Morehead, Anthony Di Iorio, Trevor Koverko, and David Johnston. In addition to the highlighted presentation by Deloitte, there will be several networking opportunities at the renowned Legendary Dinner.

Speakers for CoinAgenda Caribbean 2022: 

  • Dan Morehead, Founder of Pantera Capital
  • Anthony Di Iorio, Founder & CEO of Decentral
  • David Johnston, COO at DLTx
  • Trevor Koverko, Co-Founder of Polymath
  • Raquel Buscaino, Emerging Technology Lead, Novel & Exponential Technologies (NExT) at Deloitte Consulting LLP
  • Brittany Kaiser, Gryphon Mining
  • James Haft, Chairman of DLTx
  • Joey Krug, Co-Chief Investment Officer at Pantera Capital
  • Josh Lawler, Partner at Zuber Lawler
  • Hervé Larren, CEO of
  • Lucas Erb, NExT Sensing Lead at Deloitte Consulting
  • Miles Paschini, CEO of FV Bank
  • Paul Puey, CEO / Co-Founder of Edge
  • Erik LaPaglia, Cofounder of Miami NFT Week
  • Full speaker list

The three-day gathering will encompass a range of discussion forums, one-on-one chats with industry leaders, and exclusive presentations. Topics of interest to crypto investors The Future of Blockchain, Entertainment, Legal and Regulatory, Metaverse, Investing in Web3, and NFTs, will be discussed.

A BitAngels startup competition where companies (as well as tokens trading on exchanges) will pitch in a Demo Day environment to an audience of VCs, crypto funds, family offices, media, and other strategic partners. Upon completion of the presentations and by judges’ votes,, the best companies.

The BitAngels startup competition on December 7th will feature presentations from new businesses and tokens being traded on exchanges in a Demo Day setting. VCs, crypto funds, family offices, media representatives, and other strategic partners will be present in the audience. Following the presentations, a company will be selected and receive a marketing package valued at over $13,209.

Tickets provide a VIP experience for attendees, educational sessions, networking, and parties.

CoinAgenda Caribbean 2022 is supported by these industry sponsors:

  • MegaMask, Platinum Sponsor
  • Transform Greece
  • Graviton
  • Boba Network
  • Event Horizon Capital
  • Transform Ventures
  • Blockchain Wire
  • Fly

CoinAgeda Caribbean is unique in giving industry leaders, professional investors, and company founders opportunities to make introductions. A quality conference where the speakers stay for the whole three days. . The Legendary Dinner will be held at a luxurious private residence, another perfect opportunity to eat and drink while making connections and having informal business discussions.

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James Baldwin

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Barnes and Noble is trying to deter holiday thefts

Barnes & Noble is installing cameras and locking away expensive items to deter shoplifters and thieves as they brace for a post-pandemic rush of holiday shoppers this year. At dozens of retail locations, American Girl ‘Wellie Wisher’ dolls are shackled to the shelves with electronic ties. At one of their bookstores in Manhattan, customers have to carry empty Lego set boxes to cashiers and receive the pieces after their purchase. If you are looking for a Nook or one of their tablets, many of the products have empty boxes, which you have to pay for at the customer service desk or cashiers.

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5 Tips For Protecting Yourself After A Car Accident

When you are in a car accident, make sure you obtain just by learning these tips

After a car accident, it’s important to protect yourself and your loved ones. Here are five tips to help you stay safe after an accident.

What is Attorney’s Role in a Car Accident?

An accident lawyer’s role is to provide legal support and representation to their clients after a car accident.

What are The Rights of Victim?

The rights of the accident client include the right to know the facts of the accident, the right to be treated fairly by law enforcement, and the right to receive reasonable compensation for damages.

What are The Steps That An Accident Victim Should Take After An Accident?

The steps that a victim should take after a car accident and can include gathering information about the accident, filing a police report, and contacting an accident lawyer.

What is The Role of An Lawyer?

A lawyer’s role is to provide legal support and representation to their clients after a car accident.

An accident lawyer can help you understand your rights and options after a car accident. Your attorney will help you when you to file a claim with the offending party and their insurance. They will help your take the other steps to protect your rights as a victim.

Don’t Delay. Contact a Lawyer as soon as possible and Preserve Your Rights.

Don’t delay to call a car accident lawyer. For best results, contact and attorney as soon as you can.

The sooner you contact an attorney, the better the chance of getting the best possible legal representation you need to get an just outcome.

Is It Necessary To Contact An Accident Lawyer After A Car Accident?

Contact an accident lawyer whenever there is a chance that you have been injured.

It makes sense to get a consultation before proceeding. These calls are free.

Contact a lawyer before you agree to a settlement. If you don’t, it can limit your options, so get advice from a car accident attorney without delay.

An accident victim has rights. You need to know the facts of the accident; be treated fairly by law enforcement, and receive reasonable compensation for damages.