New Serial Reader App Will Let You Read Classics In Small Chunks Every Day

While there might not be any dearth of e-book reading apps doing the rounds of the app stores, here is one that begs to be different in that it will let you consume a novel in small bite-sized pieces that are delivered one at a time to your smartphone or tablet every day. As DailyHub reported, the app aptly named Serial Reader will continue to send you a chunk of the reading material until you have reached the end of the novel. Each of the daily servings should take around 20 minutes of reading time.

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Charles Baudelaire

A book is a garden, an orchard, a storehouse, a party, a company, by the way, a counselor, a multitude of counselors.

These are the Amazon First Reads free ebooks for August

Amazon Prime Members receive a myriad of benefits for their subscription and one of them is Amazon First Reads. You get early access to books that are not available on the Kindle Store. Every month there are 8 titles and a user can download one for free. They span a bunch of different genres, such as thrillers, historical fiction, suspense, romance, SCI-FI, memoir, and a book for your kid.

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Book Recommendations for Career Changers

The way people work nowadays is entirely different from how it was in the past. Many people would stay in the same career until retirement. There is more flexibility today, and more work options are available. Even at above forty, people can change careers and feel comfortable. 

People considering a career change should be careful before making a move. A lot of people have changed careers before, and they regret it. They should be eager to get information that will help them go through a smooth transition. Different books about a career change that contain useful information are available. 

Designing your life: How to Build a Well-Lived, Joyful Life – Bill Burnett & Dave Evans

A lot of people seeking career change fail to get the right things done. They hold on to a single skill hoping it will help them succeed in a new career. Unfortunately, this kind of approach is wrong. The person who wills to change career must also be willing to change skills. 

They must be willing to learn a new thing that will make them marketable. The person may join college or pay for a course with career boosters services online. This is what this book is all about. The authors advise career changers to make improvements on themselves first. 

The Art of Possibility – Rosamund Stone Zander & Benjamin Zander

The book strongly discusses the 12 practices every human being requires for a breakthrough. The two writers share their experiences in life and work. They show the reader it is possible to change. Benjamin is a communicator and a teacher with many years of experience. The 12 breakthrough practices will help the career changer make an informed decision. 

Do What You Are – Paul D. Tieger

Over a million career changers have benefited from this book since 1992. Many people decide to change careers without considering their personalities. Paul insists on the importance of knowing one’s personality. When career changer knows who they are, they will discover their perfect career. 

The Pathfinder – Nicholas Lore

Nicholas likens a career changer to a person trying to find their path. They may know what they want but might not be sure how to get it. The Pathfinder is like a career coach book. The writer has used a wide range of tools and tests to offer guidance. Reading this book first will give you fresh ideas about where to start. 

Strategies to Win – Carla A. Harris

When changing your career path, you don’t just step out in a hurry. Instead, you should take time and weigh things out. Due to the fast-changing career market, analyzing and strategizing are important. Analyzing involves looking again into your work profile and making improvements. Strategizing involves carefully planning your next move. The writer advises on having a five-year plan to analyze progress and make a move. 

Originals – Adam Grant

The book Originals is about how people should not conform to things. These are things that do not benefit them. A person might feel uncomfortable with their current career. The solution is not to conform but to transform. They should move on to a different career field and be comfortable. A person in the wrong job might think something is wrong with them. They might think it is them who have a problem. The writer advises such people to dig deeper. They will realize they have no problem at all. 

Pivot – Jenny Blake

Anyone thinking about changing careers faces one big dilemma. They often find themselves asking the question, “what next.” They worry if the next step will backfire on them or will propel them forward. Jenny advises such people that what matters most is their next move. If they do it right, their career change will propel them forward. 

Americanah – Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Changing a career from a low paying to a higher-paying job is easier. The biggest challenge comes when you believe the job you have is the best. In this career situation, it requires greater determination to change. You must refuse to define yourself by your job. Instead, define yourself by the things you can accomplish. These are the things that make you who you are. 

The Path Made Clear – Oprah Winfrey

During the career change process, many people get confused. They find themselves at crossroads, unable to know what to do next. They cannot make up their mind on whether to move on or stay on. This is the time when the person needs a clear direction. It is the time when they need to understand their purpose. This book will help you discover your purpose and direction. It is full of motivating insights that will help you stay focused and move on. 


Changing careers is not easy for most people with stable jobs. It is harder when the person has stayed in the same job for many years. There is always a fear of what will happen next if things fail to work out. Reading a book about career change will help keep your mind ready. You will get ideas on the best possible options to take. Many books are available, and they are written to help you change your career smoothly.